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Pharmacology of Kratom

Table of Contents MitragynineMitraphylline7-Hydroxymitragynine Research shows that kratom is similar to morphine and other opiates in the way that it affects the brain. It acts as an opioid receptor agonist and mimics the structure of endogenous endorphins found in the body. These endorphins are naturally released in the body as a response to pain, orgasm, …

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kratom drug test

Can You be Drug Tested for Kratom?

Table of Contents Understanding KratomDoes Kratom Show Up in Drug Tests?Is there a Drug Test for Kratom?What about False Positives for Opioids?Is Kratom a Legal Substance in the US? Marijuana is legal in many states, but according to federal laws in the US, it is still a controlled substance and illegal. But, it helps many …

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wholesale kratom in bulk

Wholesale Kratom | Buying in Bulk

When Kratom was first being introduced to the western countries, it was nearly impossible for users to the product in bulk from the original dealers. Wholesale Kratom prices were reserved only for head shops and established businesses. With now many vendors opening up shops online, it has become quite easy for an average user to …

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High Quality Kratom
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